March 11, 2015

Yesterday evening was the first time I really felt like I was getting better. I’m not even quite sure what made me feel like that. Possibly it was because I had some energy. I took a nice long shower, I had to sit on the bath seat, but still, I had the energy to stay in there and enjoy the water. I really want to go swimming. I just want my legs to float and be light.

I am intrinsically linked to water. I’ve asked friends and family to offer tobacco into rivers, lakes and oceans for me and my healing process. It’s something I do regularly before camping trips, some field trips and whenever I feel I need to pray in some way. I’m not really sure what I believe as far as religion goes, but I do believe in nature, and feel most connected to water. I’ve been having so many dreams about water. I’ve swam down rivers, over waterfalls and in lakes. I’ve driven beside overflowing streams and crossed bridges over rivers. I’ve camped on islands and beaches. What I can’t do physically I’ve been doing in my dreams.

I had another EMG test yesterday and it showed nothing. The blood work came back and it also showed nothing. Confirmation would be really nice at this point, but that confirmation might not come. Apparently with Myasthenia Gravis, in 10% of cases nothing proves it. I might be in that 10%. My mom brought up the fact that, when I was 6, it took 2 years after my symptoms appeared before my hypothyroidism showed up in blood tests. She also reminded me that I was tested for Addison’s Disease when I was a child.


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